– 2016 ADULT non-fic

 ADULT non-fiction

004.678      SALES, Nancy Jo/ American girls : social media and the secret lives of teenagers, Alfred A. Knopf, 2016

025.8209    HAMMER, Joshua/ The bad-ass librarians of Timbuktu : and their race to save …, Simon & Schuster, 2016

133.91      ANDERSON, George/ Ask George Anderson : what souls in the hereafter can teach us about life, Penguin, 2012

153           PETIT, Philippe/ Creativity : the perfect crime, Riverhead Books, 2014

153.9        MARCUS, Gary/ Guitar zero : the science of becoming musical at any age , Penguin Books, c2012

155.25     JOHNSON, Spencer/ Who moved my cheese? : an a-mazing way to deal with change … , Putnam, 1998

155.9        AIKEN, Mary/ The cyber effect : cyber-psychologist explains human behavior changes online, Spiegel & Grau, 2016

188           AURELIUS, Marcus/ The emperor’s handbook : a new translation of The meditation,

200.19       BERING, Jesse/ The belief instinct : the psychology of souls, destiny, and the meaning of life, Norton & Company, 2011

232.901      BIO JESUS  Aslan, Reza/ Zealot : the life and times of Jesus of Nazareth, Random House, 2013

297             ESPOSITO, John L/ What everyone needs to know about Islam, Oxford University Press, 2002

299.1616     ALDHOUSE- Green, Miranda/ Caesar’s Druids : story of an ancient priesthood, Yale University Press, 2010

303.4833     THOMPSON, Clive/ Smarter than you think : how technology is changing our minds for the better, Penguin, 2013

304.66         GOLDBERG, Michelle/ The means of reproduction : sex, power, and the future of the world, Penguin, 2010, c2009

304.873     URREA, Luis Alberto/ The devil’s highway : a true story, Little, Brown and Co., 2014

305.8        COATES, Ta-Nehisi/ Between the world and me, Spiegel & Grau, 2015

306.874     HOMAYOUN, Ana/ The myth of the perfect girl : helping our daughters find authentic success …, A Perigee Book, 2013

306.893      MELTON , Glennon Doyle/ Love warrior, Flatiron Books, 2016

320.52       MAYER, Jane/ Dark money : the hidden history of the billionaires behind the rise of the radical right, Doubleday, 2016

323.1196    WATSON, Bruce/ Freedom summer : …. that made Mississippi burn and made America a democracy, Viking, 2010

328.73       LESSIG, Lawrence/ Republic, lost : how money corrupts Congress–and a plan to stop it, Twelve, 2011

330.9545    DASGUPTA, Rana/ Capital : the eruption of Delhi, The Penguin Press, 2014

332.024      BIRKEN, Emily Guy/ The 5 years before you retire, Adams Media, 2014

338.0973    MORRIS, Charles R./ The first American Industrial Revolution, Public Affairs, 2012

338.4736    BOOKER, Sheri/ Nine years under : coming of age in an inner city funeral home, Gotham, 2013

339.46      DESMOND, Matthew/ Evicted : poverty and profit in the American city, Crown Publishers, 2016

344.73      COHEN, Adam/ Imbeciles : the Supreme Court, American eugenics, and Carrie Buck, Penguin, 2016

355.02      SHAW, Bernard/ On war, Hesperus Press, 2010

364.106    SLATER, Dan/ Wolf boys : two American teenagers and Mexico’s most dangerous drug cartel, Simon & Schuster, 2016

364.1523    LEHTO, Steve/ American murder houses : a coast-to-coast tour of the most notorious …, Penguin, 2015

364.1523    SOUHAMI, Diana/ Murder at Wrothan Hill, Quercus Books, 2012

398.2089    ROCKWELL , David/ Giving voice to bear : North American Indian rituals… , Roberts Rinehart Publishers, c1991

508.73      KLINKENBORG , Verlyn/ The rural life , Little, Brown and Co., 2002

508.73      KLINKENBORG , Verlyn/ More scenes from the rural life, Princeton Architectural Press, 2013

510.92     BIO LOVELACE  Woolley, Benjamin/The bride of science : romance, reason, and Byron’s daughter,

519.542      SILVER, Nate/ The signal and the noise : why so many predictions fail– but some don’t, Penguin Press, 2012

573.6          SCHILTHUIZEN, Menno/ Nature’s nether regions : what the sex lives of bugs, birds, and beasts tell us …, Viking, 2014

581.467      CASTALDO, Nancy F./ The story of seeds : from Mendel’s garden to your plate… , Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2016

581.634      FOSTER, Steven/ A field guide to medicinal plants : eastern and central North America , Houghton Mifflin, 1990

598             MacDONALD, Helen/ H is for Hawk, Grove Press, 2014

598.883      EARLEY, Chris G/ Sparrows & finches of the Great Lakes Region & eastern North America, Firefly Books, 2003

599.773      JANS, Nick/ A wolf called Romeo,

613.2          DURANT, John/ The paleo manifesto : ancient wisdom for lifelong health, Harmony, 2014

616.8522    GRAYSON, Jonathan/ Freedom from obsessive-compulsive disorder , Berkley Books, 2014

616.8522    PAXTON, Matt/ The secret lives of hoarders : true stories of tackling extreme clutter, Penguin Group, 2011

616.8522    STOSSEL, Scott/ My age of anxiety : fear, hope, dread, and the search for peace of mind, Alfred A. Knopf, 2013

616.994       VARONA, Verne/ Nature’s cancer-fighting foods : prevent and reverse… , A Perigee Book, 2014

618.24         OSTER, Emily/ Expecting better : why the conventional pregnancy wisdom is wrong–and … , Penguin, 2014

623.8882     BLANDFORD, Percy W./ Practical knots & ropework,

623.8882     PAWSON, Des/ Handbook of knots, DK Publishing, Inc., 2004

631.58         SHEPARD, Mark/ Restoration agriculture : real-world permaculture for farmers , Acres U.S.A., 2013

635.9337      MACOBOY, Stirling/ The ultimate rose book : 1,500 roses, H. N. Abrams, c1993

636.089       REYNOLDS, Rita M./ Ask the cow : a gentle guide to finding peace, PublishingWorks, Inc, 2008

637.3           OGILVY, Susan/ Making cheeses at home, Crown Publishers, 1976

641.5           KRIEGER, Ellie/ The food you crave : luscious recipes for a healthy life ,

641.5636     MOOSEWOOD Collective/ Sundays at Moosewood Restaurant , Simon and Schuster, c1990

641.658        BASS, Ruth/ Mushrooms love herbs, Storey Communications, 1996

649.1            CHAPMAN, Gary/ The 5 love languages of children, Northfield Pub., c2012

649.1            CRAIN, William/ Reclaiming childhood : letting children be children in our achievement-…, Henry Holt, 2003

649.153        GREENE, Ross W./ The explosive child : a new approach for understanding… , Quill, 2001

658.401         MILLER, John G./ Outstanding! : 47 ways to make your organization exceptional, G.P. Putnams Sons, 2010

658.8342       SEARLS, Doc/ The intention economy : when customers take charge, Harvard Business Review Press, c2012

709.04           HAMILTON, Ann/ Tropos, Art Resources Transfer

709.2             CALDER/   Calder : the forties,  Art Resources Transfer

728.373         RYBCZYNSKI, Witold/ The most beautiful house in the world, Penguin Books, 1990, c1989

728.79          KAHN, Lloyd/ Tiny homes on the move : wheels and water, Shelter Publications, 2014

770               FOGLE, Douglas/ The last picture show : artists using photography, 1960-1982, Walker Art Center, 2003

779.092        BEUYS, Joseph/ Joseph Beuys : make the secrets productive : sculpture and objects, Art Resources Transfer

779.2            BEY, Dawoud/ Picturing People, Art Resources Transfer

779.9973      JONES, William/ Killed: rejected images of the Farm Security Administration, Art Resources Transfer

782.4216       DYLAN, Bob/ Chronicles : volume 1, Simon & Schuster, 2004

787.8716      BIO GRATEFUL DEAD   Lesh, Phil/ Searching for the sound : my life with the Grateful Dead, Little, Brown, 2005

796.932        LEDERER, William J./ Complete cross country skiing and ski touring, Norton, 1975

818.2            IRVING, Washington/ Tales of the Alhambra, SKM Books, 2011

818.603        ZAILCKAS, Koren/ Fury : true tales of a good girl gone ballistic , Penguin, c2012

823               BIO POTTER  Lear, Linda/ Beatrix Potter, a life in nature, St. Martin’s Press, 2007

910.9164      PHILBRICK, Nathaniel/ Sea of glory : America’s voyage of discovery : , Penguin Books, 2004

914.1048      BRYSON, Bill/ The road to Little Dribbling : adventures of an American in Britain, Doubleday, 2016

914.6904       SYMINGTON, Martin/ Portugal with Madeira & the Azores, DK Publishing, Inc., 2012

917.1428       ST.LOUIS, Regis/ Montréal & Québec City, Lonely Planet, 2015

919.8904       BRANDT, Anthony, ed./ The South Pole : a historical reader, National Geographic, 2004

932 ANCIENT   editor, David P. Silverman/ Ancient Egypt, Oxford University Press, c1997

932                POLLARD, Justin/ The rise and fall of Alexandria : birthplace of the modern world, Penguin Books, 2007

937.07           TACITUS   Annals, Histories, Agricola, Germania, Everyman’s Library, c1908, 2009

940.5318       BRECHER, Elinor J./ Schindler’s legacy : true stories of the list survivors, Penguin Group, c1994

940.532         LUKACS, John/ Five days in London, May 1940, Yale University Press, c1999

940.5421       AMBRROSE , Stephen E./ Citizen soldiers : the U.S. Army from the Normandy beaches…, Simon & Schuster, 1998

940.5421       FREEMAM , Gregory A./ The forgotten 500 : the untold story of the men …., Nal Caliber, 2007

940.5425        SLEDGE, E. B./ With the Old Breed at Peleliu and Okinawa, Presidio Press/Ballantine Books, 2010

942.031           THOMAS Guy, John/ Thomas Becket : warrior, priest, rebel : a nine-hundred-year-old story, Random House, 2012

943.086           OWINGS, Alison/ Frauen : German women recall the Third Reich, Rutgers University Press, 1994

956.0409         MACFARQUHAR , Neil/ The media relations department of Hizbollah wishes you a happy birthday, PublicAffairs, 2009

970.0049          OWINGS, Alison/ Indian voices : listening to Native Americans, Rutgers University Press, 2011

972.91              MOTLEY, Byron/ Embracing Cuba, University Press of Florida, 2015

973.0862         BIO VANDERBILT, Arthur T./ Fortune’s children : the fall of the house of Vanderbilt , Morrow, 2013, c1989

973.2               HAWKE, David Freeman/ Everyday life in early America, Harper & Row, 2003, c1988

973.47            BIO JEFFERSON   Kilmeade, Brian/ Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli pirates, Sentinel, 2015

973.5509       BIO ADAMS   Kaplan, Fred/ John Quincy Adams : American visionary, HarperCollins, 2014

973.7092      BIO SHERMAN O’Connell, Robert L/ Fierce patriot : the tangled lives of William Tecumseh Sherman, Random House, 2015

973.911     BIO ROOSEVELT   Goodwin, Doris Kearns/ The bully pulpit : Roosevelt, Taft, and the golden age…, Simon & Schuster, 2013

973.922          BIO KENNEDY  O’Reilly, Bill/ Killing Kennedy : the end of Camelot, Henry Holt and Co., 2012

973.928       BIO BUSH   Meacham, Jon/ Destiny and power : the American odyssey of George HW Bush, Random House, 2015

973.931    PHILLIPS, Kevin/ American theocracy : the peril and politics of radical religion, oil, and …, Viking, c2006

973.932   DUNHAM Scott, Janny/ A singular woman : the untold story of Barack Obama’s mother, Riverhead Books, 2012, c2011

974.7         CALHOUN, Ada/ St. Marks is dead : the many lives of America’s hippest street, W W Norton & Co Inc, 2016

974.71     GALUSHA, Diane/ Liquid assets : a history of New York City’s water system, Purple Mountain Press, 2016

974.71     PATTERSON, Jerry E./ The city of New York, H. N. Abrams, 1978

974.71     WHITE, E. B./ Here is New York, Little Bookroom, 1999, c1949

974.736     DUERDEN, Tim;  Ray LaFever/ Delaware County, Arcadia Pub., 2016

974.774     TAYLOR, Alan/ William Cooper’s town : power and persuasion on the frontier of the early American republic,

975.503   TAYLOR, Alan/ The internal enemy : slavery and war in Virginia, 1772-1832, W.W. Norton & Company, c2013