Juvenile & Young Adult Fiction

Y FIC Adeyemi, Tomi Children of blood and bone  (2018)
J FIC Averill, Esther Captains of the city streets  (1972)
J FIC Averill, Esther Jenny and the Cat Club : a collection of favorite stories about Jenny Linsky  (2003)
J FIC Averill, Esther Jenny’s moonlight adventure  (1949)
J FIC Averill, Esther The hotel cat  (1969)
J FIC Averill, Esther The school for cats  (1947)
Y FIC Benway, Robin Far from the tree  (2017)
Y FIC Berk, Josh The dark days of Hamburger Halpin  (2010)
J FIC Bruel, Nick Bad kitty joins the team  (2019)
J FIC Cameron, W. Bruce Lily’s story : a puppy tale  (2019)
Y FIC Collins, Suzanne The ballad of songbirds and snakes  (2020)
J FIC DiCamillo, Kate Louisiana’s way home  (2018)
J FIC DiCamillo, Kate The miraculous journey of Edward Tulane  (2006)
Y FIC Grace, Adalyn All the stars and teeth   (2020)
Y FIC Hiranandani, Veera The night diary  (2018)
J FIC Jansson, Tove Comet in Moominland  (1959)
J FIC Jansson, Tove Finn family Moomintroll  (1958)
J FIC Jansson, Tove Moominsummer madness  (1955)
J FIC Jansson, Tove The Moomins and the Great Flood  (1945)
Y FIC Jones, Kimberly I’m not dying with you tonight   (2019)
Y FIC Keyes, Daniel Flowers for Algernon  (1959)
J FIC King, Wesley OCDaniel  (2016)
J FIC Kinney, Jeff The meltdown  (2018)
Y FIC Meloy, Maile The apothecary  (2011)
J FIC Nichols, Travis Matthew meets The Man  (2011)
Y FIC Reynolds, Jason Look both ways : a tale told in ten blocks  (2019)
J FIC Rorby, Ginny Freeing Finch  (2019)
J FIC Saedi, Sara The lost kids  (2018)
J FIC Thomas, Angie The hate u give  (2017)
Y FIC Yolen, Jane Mapping the bones  (2018)

JP – Picture Books

Barnett, Mac Circle  (2019)
Barnett, Mac Square   (2018)
Barnett, Mac Triangle  (2017)
Bundo, Marlon (Rabbit) A day in the life of Marlon Bundo  (2018)
written by Marlon Bundo with Jill Twiss
Bunting, Eve I’m a duck  (2018)
Chapman, Jared Steve, raised by wolves  (2015)
Covell, David Run wild  (2018)
Dean, James Pete the cat : I love my white shoes (2008)
story by Eric Litwin
Dean, James Pete the cat : rocking in my school shoes  (2011)
story by Eric Litwin
Green, John Patrick Hippopotamister
Hesse, Karen Night job  (2018)
John, Jory Giraffe problems  (2018)
Love, Jessica Julian is a mermaid  (2018)
Nichols, Travis Betty’s burgled bakery : an alliteration adventure  (2017)
OHora, Zachariah Niblet & Ralph  (2018)
Rubin, Adam El Chupacabras  (2018)
Shea, Bob Who wet my pants?  (2019)
illus: Zachariah Ohora
Stutzman, Jonathan Tiny T. Rex and the impossible hug  (2019)
Tey, Priscilla In-between things  (2018)
Weiss, Nicki Where does the brown bear go?   (1989)


Dean, JamesPete the cat and the treasure map (2017)
Dean, JamesPete the Kitty and the case of the hiccups  (2019)
DiCamillo, Kate4 Mercy Watson : princess in disguise
Willems, MoWaiting is not easy!   (2014)