Newly Acquired Books

Allende, Isabel A long petal of the sea : a novel  (2020)
Atkinson, Kate Transcription   (2018)
Atwood, Margaret The testaments   (2019)
Backman, Fredrik Beartown  (2017)
Backman, Fredrik Us against you : a novel  (2018)
Baldacci, David Redemption  (2019)
Benjamin, Chloe The immortalists  (2018)
Bennett, Brit The vanishing half  (2020)
Berlin, Lucia A manual for cleaning women : selected stories (2015)
Blake, Sarah The guest book  (2019)
Bohjalian, Chris The sleepwalker  (2017)
Box, C. J. Long range  (2020)
Box, C. J. The Bitterroots  (2019)
Box, C. J. The disappeared  (2018)
Box, C. J. Wolf pack  (2019)
Braithwaite, Oyinkan My sister, the serial killer : a novel  (2018)
Brodesser-Akner, Taffy Fleishman is in trouble : a novel  (2019)
Burke, James Lee The New Iberia blues  (2019)
Burns, Anna Milkman : a novel  (2018)
Child, Lee Blue moon  (2019)
Coates, Ta-Nehisi The water dancer : a novel  (2019)
Coben, Harlan Do not let go  (2017)
Coben, Harlan Run away  (2019)
Coelho, Paulo Hippie  (2018)
Connelly, Michael The night fire  (2019)
Cummins, Jeanine American dirt  (2020)
Daré, Abi The girl with the louding voice : a novel  (2020)
Dee, Jonathan The locals : a novel  (2017)
DeMille, Nelson The deserter : a novel  (2019)
Dick, Philip K. The man in the high castle : a novel  (1962)
Egan, Jennifer Manhattan Beach : a novel   (2017)
Evaristo, Bernardine Girl, woman, other : a novel   (2019)
Feeney, Alice Sometimes I lie  (2018)
Flynn, Gillian Sharp objects : a novel  (2006)
Flynn, Vince [Mills, Kyle] The survivor   (2015)
Flynn, Vince [Mills, Kyle] Total power : a Mitch Rapp novel  (2020)
Follett, Ken A column of fire  (2017)
French, Tana The Witch Elm  (2018)
Glickman, James Crossing Point  (2017)
Greene, Grace The memory of butterflies : a novel  (2017)
Greer, Andrew Sean Less  (2017)
Gregg, John Telford Local stop in the promised land  (2014)
Griffiths, Elly The chalk pit (2017)
Griffiths, Elly The ghost fields  (2015)
Griffiths, Elly The lantern men  (2020)
Griffiths, Elly The zig zag girl  (2015)
Haruf, Kent Our souls at night  (2015)
Hurston, Zora Neale The complete stories
Ignatius, David The quantum spy : a thriller  (2018)
Jones, Tayari An American marriage : a novel  (2018)
Kerr, Philip Prussian blue  (2017)
Kidd, Sue Monk The book of longings  (2020)
King, Lily Writers & lovers : a novel  (2020)
Kushner, Rachel The mars room   (2018)
Leon, Donna The temptation of forgiveness  (2018)
Luiselli, Valeria Lost children archive : a novel   (2019)
Mantel, Hilary The mirror & the light  (2020)
Maum, Courtney Costalegre  (2019)
Michaelides, Alex The silent patient  (2019)
Morgan, Tom The last columnist : a novel  (2018)
Morris, Heather The tattooist of Auschwitz : a novel   (2018)
Morton, Kate The clockmaker’s daughter : a novel   (2018)
Moshfegh, Ottessa My year of rest and relaxation  (2018)
Moyes, Jojo After you  (2015)
Moyes, Jojo Me before you  (2012)
Moyes, Jojo Still me (2018)
Moyes, Jojo The giver of stars  (2019)
Napolitano, Ann Dear Edward : a novel  (2020)
Ng, Celeste Little fires everywhere : a novel  (2017)
O’Farrell, Maggie Hamnet : a novel of the plague  (2020)
Orange, Tommy There there : a novel   (2018)
Orwell, George 1984 : a novel  (1961)
Owens, Delia Where the crawdads sing  (2018)
Patchett, Ann The Dutch house : a novel   (2019)
Penny, Louise A better man  (2019)
Penny, Louise All the devils are here  (2020)
Penny, Louise Glass houses (2017)
Penny, Louise Kingdom of the blind : a novel   (2018)
Perrotta, Tom Mrs. Fletcher   (2017)
Powers, Richard The overstory : a novel  (2018)
Reid, Kiley Such a fun age : a novel   (2019)
Richardson, Kim Michele The book woman of Troublesome Creek : (2019)
Roberts, Nora The rise of magicks  (2019)
Rooney, Sally Normal people : a novel   (2018)
Sandford, John Deep freeze  (2017)
Sandford, John Holy Ghost  (2018)
Sandford, John Twisted prey   (2018)
See, Lisa The island of sea women : a novel  (2019)
Silva, Daniel House of spies  (2017)
Silva, Daniel The order : a novel   (2020)
Smith, Ali Winter   (2017)
Straub, Emma All adults here  (2020)
Strout, Elizabeth My name is Lucy Barton (2016)
Strout, Elizabeth Olive, again  (2019)
Thor, Brad Spymaster : a thriller   (2018)
Towles, Amor A gentleman in Moscow  (2016)
Trevor, William Last stories  (2018)
Urrea, Luis Alberto The house of broken angels  (2018)
Verdon, John White River burning  (2018)
Vuong, Ocean On earth we’re briefly gorgeous : a novel   (2019)
Ward, Jesmyn Sing, unburied, sing  (2017)
Weiner, Jennifer Mrs. Everything : a novel  (2019)
Whitehead, Colson The nickel boys : a novel  (2019)
Willig, Lauren The English wife  (2018)
Wilson, Susan The dog I loved  (2019)
Wingate, Lisa The book of lost friends : a novel   (2020)
Woodson, Jacqueline Red at the bone  (2019)